About Us

IRO-VESTER is a Private Entrepreneurship Company duly registered in Nigeria. It is aimed at providing local and international materials procurement, and technical back-up, in Engineering and Allied Services to Oil and gas Industries including the Allied company. IRO –VESTER is allied with Global circle international with headquarters in United State of America and Farotech Italia in UK. Both companies have been responsible for sourcing, buying and shipping to Nigeria materials requested by IRO-VESTER. This arrangement has proven very convenient and efficient in processing materials order from Nigeria over the years. In this marriage we have developed excellent business relationship with several manufacturers/distributors for our supply and technical support needs. We have arranged good trade and credit terms. We have also received extensive training on process, flow and measurement control. We have acquired the technical skills to adequately assist our customers in replacing the right parts. Our goal is to apply our knowledge and experience to provide absolutely secured supply channel. To do this, we desire to develop very close, long-term relationship with our customers. IRO-VESTER MISSION STATEMENT 1. To provide our customers with High-Technology, premium quality products delivered in a timely manner and supported by a strong sales, service and distribution system. We will contribute to the overall success of your business by being a customer responsive organization dedicated to zero defect supplies and developing manufacturer relations that focus on the highest quality products delivered just in time. 2. We will be there when you need us, performing sales and support functions in complete conformance with your requirements. This makes us a unique, valued partner in plant process, flow and measurement control products. 3. To promote a creative, challenging, and motivating work environment based on mutual trust, open communications and teamwork. Employees will be encouraged to participant in decision-making. We will operate in an atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty and above all will be sensitive to the needs of others. We will accept responsibility and take pride in individual, team and company accomplishments. IRO-VESTER VISION STATEMENT As a purely indegenous engineering firm, our vision is to be seen as one pioneering the development of the various test equipment for the advancement of electrical and instrumentation work in the globe. IRO-VESTER is also in partnership with FAROTECH UK. to aid our better service delivery We are currently registered with <> Shell Production & Development Company Ltd. <> Total Exploration & Production. <> Nigeria Agip Oil Company. <> Exxon Mobil. <> DBN Port Harcourt. <> Ponticelli Nigeria Ltd. and many others